Rebate For Workplace

Rebate For Workplace

Get Rebate For Installing E.V. Charger Rebate In Your Workplace

We will install an E.V. charger for your workplace, and you can get a rebate for it. This rebate is from the B.C government and they are willing to pay you 50% of your total cost of installation or other charges back. The reason is, they are trying to promote the E.V. culture in their region and reduce the use of gas and other toxic fuels. This way, you can also get a rebate and make your workplace E.V. ready with Your Electricians.

We are licensed and conversant about the E.V. chargers in detail. Likewise, our efficient team will give you a free consultation on how to get this rebate after installing the E.V. chargers and what charger you should install.

On the other hand, we will provide a complete infrastructure on how you should go for the charger and which spots will be more functional. As for our experience, a parking lot is the finest place for an E.V. charger, but you can modify or change it according to your needs.

About Rebate Program

It is a program from the B.C government and administrated by B.C. Hydro where they provide a subsidy to you for taking a step into E.V.’s. Whether you are installing an E.V. charger for home or workplace, you will get a grant by getting a pre-approval from B.C Hydro. Afterwards, you only have to get it installed by licensed electricians and apply for the rebate.

Rebate Offer

If you own a workplace and install an E.V. charger, you can get 50% of the total installation and other costs, which is a maximum of $2,000 per charger and $14,000 per workplace.

A working business can easily avail this offer by getting an efficient E.V. charger installed from licensed electricians for up to 4 workplaces. The total rebate for 4 workplaces can be up to $56,0000.

Why Choose Us For E.V. Charger Installation?

Although the government is providing the subsidy to everyone who applies, there are a few things that you might have to look for when getting these services. For instance, the electricians must be licensed, and you should install a good and efficient E.V. charger.

For that, we are entirely qualified, and you can never go wrong about choosing Your Electricians. Our team is well-educated, which means you are not only getting the best installation, but they will also guide you on how you can get the rebate and give you every inch of information that you need to get started.

Beware: because you do not have any knowledge, you can lose a chance of getting this rebate if you opt for newbie electricians.

So, it is always better to check beforehand. If you still have any concerns or queries, please reach out to us, and we will help you solve them.

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