Rebate For Condos/Apartments

Rebate For Condos/Apartments

Get Rebate for EV Charger Installation (Condos/Apartments)

BC government is taking a great step ahead by providing rebates on getting your place EV ready. The govt funds this program, and they give you a subsidy on installing EV charging stations in the parking lots of your condos or apartment. So, it is your chance to make your Condos apartment EV ready from Your Electricians (if you haven’t yet).

This way, you get an amount of cashback from installation and charger costs from the Government as a subsidy. If you are a Condo or apartment owner, then it is your chance to upgrade the value of your apartment by making it EV-ready. For that, Your Electricians will install the best and functional charging station for your building, and you can get a subsidy from the Government of BC.

Rebate Prices

Ev Ready Rebates

  • Up to $3,000 for EV Ready plan
  • Up to $80,000 for EV Ready infrastructure
  • Up to $14,000 for chargers

TOTAL: $97,000 per apartment/condo complex


  • Up to $56,000 for chargers
  • ($14,000 per building, up to four buildings)

TOTAL: $56,000 per apartment/condo complex

Why Choose Your Electricians for EV Charger Installation?

For getting the permit, you need to have your charger installed by a licensed electrician, plus you must pay the installation charges and charger cost. After that, you have to fill-up the form and get a legal permit.

At Your Electricians, we make sure that you get everything covered. We are licensed and will design and install a station that doesn’t even look odd over your condo parking lot. Also, we are well aware of different things related to a condo’s electrical work. So, choosing us for that will save you a lot of money and time.

We Make Sure You Get the Rebate

We don’t only provide cost-effective solutions but make sure that you get the rebate in the given time. If your building is in the process or you are planning an upgrade, make sure you get the best charging station installed. If you do it with Your Electricians, there is a great chance of receiving rebates from the Government, and we make sure to give you every piece of information you need for filling the form.

The good news is, our experienced crew makes it really easy for you to get the permit. Once you pay for our installation fee and permit cost, we will make things work out well for you.

Get EV Ready Plans

There is something more to these EV plans. If you are constructing a new building and you opt for making an Infrastructure that is EV ready, then Government also gives you a subsidy of up to 80,000. This is known as EV-ready rebates, and you can also check it out from here. On the other hand, you can also get rebates up to $14000 (per building) for installing chargers, which we make sure you get by providing best chargers.

Get Expert Guidance

Having a deep background and knowledge, the Government of BC gives us the authority and license to do electrical work. We also suggest the best electrical infrastructures for your place, that can be even more functional.

We provide EV-ready plans according to the requirements of the Government. Most importantly, we prepare a document using our professional experience and this document includes information about how your building is and why you are opting for EV-ready parking spaces. The proper documentation helps you get the subsidy from the Government.

Cost-Efficient Installation

Not only you’ll be getting the rebates for installing chargers, but our installation costs are also low. This means it is your chance to get EV chargers installed from Your Electricians.

Give Us a Call

If you have any queries related to this rebate program or our EV charger services, please reach out to us, and we will make everything easy for you. Our certified team will guide you on applying for the program after the installation and make sure that you get that subsidy offered by the Government of BC.

Please visit if you want to know more about this program.