Electrical Vehicle Installation

Electrical Vehicle Installation

EV Charger Installation in Nanaimo BC is one of our most proficient services. As a business that has grown to be a reliable name in the electric service industry, we have stayed with the times to enhance the quality of life for all our customers. Installing EV chargers is a part of that promise. We use a detailed approach that promises durability and superior quality for all our electrical work be it commercial or residential.

Why the need for an EV charger?

Electric vehicle chargers are meant to provide you energy-efficient convenience. Electric cars need to power up after driving all day. These vehicles can be charged using the regular three-pin plug; however, this isn’t an efficient method of keeping your vehicle juiced up. Your electricians offer a more suitable and faster approach to recharging your vehicle. Our EV Charger Installation in Nanaimo BC entails a 7KW set up for charging the car in half the time it would take a regular plug with three pins.

The average time it takes to charge the vehicle with one of our installations is about 11 hours or so. This also saves you time and effort that would otherwise go into waiting at a public charging location.

Choosing the correct charging setup for your car needs?

If you are planning to invest in a home charging point, look no further. We are a reputed EV Charger Supplier in Nanaimo BC, with additional installation services and expert advice based on experience. We know EV chargers inside out and use this information to guide our valuable customers in the right direction. Here is how we evaluate a system

  • Kilowatts

There are several ranges of power available for car charging. Namely 22kw, 7kw, or 3kw. The most commonly used charging points are that of 7kw.

  • Price range

Different makes and models are priced differently. We take into account your budget before providing you with all the options you have.

  • Tethered

You can choose an untethered or tethered EV Charger Installation in Vancouverboth offer corresponding benefits and your choice can be based on the type of cars you want to charge and whether there is more than one kind in your house.

  • Appearance

For some houses, the charging unit needs to be placed at a visible location. Fortunately, you can choose an aesthetically appealing EV charger.

  • Additional benefits:

You can choose EV chargers that offer additional benefits such as those compatible with renewable and greener energy sources (solar).

Can an electric vehicle charger offer more convenience?

We can also provide EV Charger Installation in Vancouver that can be controlled over a smartphone. These are known as Smart EV chargers. You can control when your car gets charged day or night without being physically present to turn the unit on and off. This can also prove to be energy efficient.

Do you qualify for EV Charger Installation in Burnaby?

There are a few criteria that one needs to meet before you can move on to the installation.


  • You can get an EV charging point installed on your property (you own it)
  • If you don’t own the space, you must have written permission from the owner of the property (landlord, etc.)
  • Have a designated space with enough power availability for the installation
  • A reliable internet/Wi-Fi connection

Why trust us with the EV Charger Installation in Burnaby?


Your electrician is a licensed and certified operative in Canada. We have years of experience and reputable standing in the industry that validates your trust in us.

In addition to being qualified for the installations, we are also an EV Charger Supplier in Nanaimo BC.

Our experts are thorough with their work and the installations we carry out are guaranteed. You can also call us anytime you think your EV charger needs to be inspected. You can call us today to understand and discuss the process, prices, and other details of the installation.

If you already have one you can call us for maintenance and repairs.