Custom Lighting

Custom Lighting

Customer Convenience- our primary goal. This extends to our lighting installation and design services. Custom lighting design in Nanaimo BC is one of our top offerings focused on bringing world-class lighting curation to your home and business.

Lighting has transitioned from metal installations and fixtures to energy-efficient LED and intricate customizable designs that stand apart from generic set fixtures your electricians excel in creating ambient lighting for homes, businesses, manufacturing properties, and commercial structures such as offices and malls. The way your property is lit up makes a huge difference to how your customers and visitors view your business.

Lighting design in Nanaimo BC can be customized to suit your aesthetic. to better understand the process and how lighting works, you can go through the following information

What is customized lighting?

Customized lighting refers to encasing regular light sources (man-made) in beautiful acrylics, glass, or other materials that are meant to through off a design on its surrounding. You can go all out with the designs, add chandeliers, install dimming lights across the hallway or brighten up the entire room with powerful LED bulbs.

Customized lighting gives you complete control over the design and presentation of these electric fixtures in your home or commercial space. Regular market-bought designs can work just as well. Our crew can assist you in finding the most feasible lighting solutions within a budget or according to your ideas.

Where does custom lighting work?

Our lighting consultant can assist you in choosing customized or suitable lighting solutions for your property. customized lighting is a flexible option for anyone looking to add a touch of elegance to their personal or a public space. Following are some prime examples of impeccably placing lighting fixtures and their impact

  • Hotels and restaurants

you may be quite familiar with the specific type of yellow-glowing lights that adorn the hallways and rooms of a restaurant or hotel. Most hotels are decorated keeping lighting fixtures in the mix to create a “feeling” of cleanliness, brightened surroundings, and open spaces.

From the moment you enter a hotel you are supposed to feel different from your home and the same goes for restaurants. Lights have psychology to them and you can always customize the design with our help to suit your brand.

  • School and hospitals

The goal here is high- visibility. The lighting fixtures used in these spaces are purpose-driven and have less to do with design. Your electricians are qualified to work on both purpose-driven lighting and aesthetic pieces.

  • Offices

Another example of professionally placed custom lighting in Vancouver. over our years in the industry, we have worked on multiple office buildings to create customized, brand-centric lighting that resonates with the professionalism you promise to anyone that works there or visits you.

How well-kept and organized your space is makes a huge difference to your functionality. Your electricians can set up primary and secondary lighting fixtures to offer maximum reliability.

  • Your home

You can opt for the most eye-catching designs or curate pieces that add dimension to the entire space. You can choose to add gorgeous pieces to a single room or opt for custom lighting in Vancouver for the entire property.

  • Landscapes

Landscapes contribute to the curb appeal of a home, office, corporation, and more. How you position the lighting in these areas makes a huge difference to the overall décor. While landscaping generally focuses on gardening and the use of natural elements, electricity installations are an integral part of the mix. A well-lit solar lamp installed with planters, sidewalks illuminated by dark metal lamps, or steel lamps with patterns and designs around the light source makes for attractive and energy-efficient pieces. As a landscape lighting contractor in Vancouver, we often set up solar-powered landscape lighting that works for patios, small gardens, corporate landscapes, and more.

What are the materials you will be working with?

Customizable lighting gives you flexibility and room to be creative. when working with our crew of experts you can suggest any design you want and find the right materials for it. we also value your understanding of energy-efficient practices and if you are looking for viable Landscape lighting in Vancouver, look no further.

Here are the materials you can work with

  • Stainless steel

Stainless steel has attractive properties that make it both practical and appealing to the eye. Stainless steel is a flexible material that can be used for regular lighting fixtures, chandeliers, and even pendant lights. It is rust-resistant, durable, and a sound investment.

  • Iron

One of the most commonly used materials when designing custom or regular lights. Iron is sturdy durable and works wonderfully as an encasing agent. A few costs of waterproofing and rustproofing paint and you are good to go.

  • Glass

Glass is probably the most gorgeous option to fix your lighting in. it is also used to make the bulb designs or to cover LED lighting at a closer range. This is often the most recommended material for custom lighting in Vancouver. whether you are looking to add elegance to your office space or want an aesthetically pleasing doorway, glass is the way to go.

  • Crystal

Crystal lighting is inarguably stunning. Add metal, brass, or copper to the mix and you have a chandelier that refuses to let go of any attention. The perfect material to adorn a family dining room or set up adjunct lighting fixtures that add a minimal stateliness to the room.

  • Acrylic, ceramic, wooden, or bamboo

custom lighting in Vancouver gives you enough room to choose materials that would otherwise be a questionable choice in lighting designs. Your electricians can help create the most functional and bespoke pieces using crafty ideas and a range of tools.

whether you want to add bamboo to the mix, go the resin way or opt for stone accents, we will get it done. Our experts have been doing this for years and have a keen understanding of materials, their pros and cons as well as the right maintenance processes. You can get in touch with us to discuss your options or get estimates.