Commercial Services

Commercial Services

We are Commercial Electricians in Vancouver who are licensed and trained to work on electrical installations, wiring, and setting up the entire connection from the grid up.  We are familiar with the challenges that come with setting up efficient electric systems, support voltage capacity, and operate on back power if the mainline were to go out. The electrical systems running through a commercial property are massive in comparison to residential units and to work on these specific installations our crew must receive formal and on-job training. You can trust us to employ the correct methods that are both law compliant and safety compliant when working on your commercial space

What do your electricians offer?

Whether you are looking for a commercial lighting consultant in Nanaimo BC or a full-service contractor your electricians can be highly useful. Our work on the commercial premises covers minor repairs to major installations across the venue. We are detail-oriented, engineering-based electricians that understand the significance of proper electronic placements. If your goal is to become more energy efficient in the long run or you are looking for ways to make processes more streamlined, you can consult with our team on the matter. We will list a few things that cover the basic work we do on commercial properties, however, services can be extended or customized to meet your goals

  • Troubleshooting
  • Protection against surges
  • Power back up installation and maintenance
  • Lighting solutions (customized and regular)
  • Access panel and electrical panel installations and upgrades
  • Electrical maintenance for all electronic and systems on-site
  • LED light installation
  • Landscape lighting
  • Computer circuitry
  • Repairs
  • 3 phase circuits
  • Specialty lighting
  • Voltage adjustment and supply panels for specific machinery and equipment

Our work as commercial electrical contractors in Nanaimo BC covers any additional services related to electrical work on your commercial property.

Reasons you can trust us with your project

Besides being highly qualified our crew of electricians bases their practices on experience and market information. You can consider the following reasons to work with us on your commercial space

  • Energy-efficient consultants

As the world shifts towards greener practices and energy-efficient initiatives, our team can help analyze the existing state of power consumption on your property and customize a game plan to improve energy consumption practices all over.

Our commercial lighting consultant in Nanaimo BC can help set up lighting work that demonstrates immediate improvement in energy practices and impacts the expenditure that comes with energy waste. We are qualified to provide you with game plans that can garner strategic results in the long run as well as make a prominent difference in your approach and dependency on traditional energy resources. This also refers to upgrading electronics for maximum output with minimum input.

  • Safety

This is a necessity for both before and after the project is complete. Our crew is trained to work in difficult situations and with hazardous installations safely. The goal is to reduce liability for our customers and our technicians by following the health and safety code strictly. The gear and equipment used by our Commercial Electricians in Vancouver comply with the health and safety guidelines issued by the government.

We also abide by employee safety and insurance principles to benefit all parties involved. Despite extensive training and the use of proper tool kits we do not under any circumstances take electricity as just another commodity.

  • Cost-conscious initiatives

We strongly believe in making the world a better place either by moving towards energy efficiency or offering you budget-friendly options for your business practices. We are professional commercial electrical contractors in Nanaimo BC with years of experience and a procedural approach to any project we work on. we have reliable suppliers, distributors, transporters, and crew members who contribute to effective cost reduction on the overall project.

  • Project management

At Your electricians, we pride ourselves in being fully committed to the job and providing unmatched ease for all our customers. When it comes to commercial electrical work, the approach is more rigid, focused, and targeted to deliver uncompromised results.

Each step is carefully planned and executed from the beginning till the completion of the project. We believe in complete transparency and open channels of communication for all commercial projects.